1. Select "Leads" From the Main menu

2. Select "Capture Lead"

3. The Lead capture side form will appear. Here you can enter the details of the lead you are wanting to capture.
4. If your lead is an existing client that you have already entered into the system click on the "Existing client" button to search for a client, and link your lead to that client. Selecting an existing client will fill the remaining fields with their information that is already saved inside Buildxact.
5. If your lead is not an existing client, enter the Lead's first and surnames
6. Enter their phone number
7. Enter their email address
8. Select the type of client whether an individual/family or a business
9. The family or business name field will automatically fill based on what you have entered above. If it is not correct, you can edit it.
10. Click Save and close to create the lead

11. The lead has now been created and you will be taken to the Lead Details screen where you can enter further information, and manage your lead.
12. When you go back to the Leads table, you will now be able to see the lead you created.

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