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How do I amend an invoice?
How do I amend an invoice?

How to make changes to invoices that are sent or received

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If you've sent an invoice out or marked it as received and subsequently need to make a change to the invoice this article will go through how.

Before we launch into it here are a few general warnings/tips about changing invoices:

  1. If you have already synced the invoice to your accounting system, changing the invoice in Buildxact WILL NOT cause it to re-sync into your accounting, you will also need to update the invoice in your accounting system

  2. Changes you make to invoices will be reflected on the invoice statement if you're sending the client that, hence any mistakes made when editing invoice will be visible to your client

  3. When making changes we recommend taking screenshots/photos of the invoices specifically around any payment dates and amounts so that when you re-enter information you can be sure you are entering it correctly

So, the general rule of thumb when editing invoices is that the status of the invoice needs to be set to PENDING

Two notes on this:

  • If you have recorded payments on the invoice these will need to be deleted before you can set the status back to pending, we recommend taking screenshots/photos as per warning number 3 above.

  • In completion percent jobs there are instances when you will not be able to set invoices back to pending due to subsequent invoices having already been created, in this case deletion of whole invoice can be required, ideally chat with our support if you find yourself in this situation

Once you have made your changes you can then continue to set the invoice back to the correct status and add back any payments you need to.

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