We're constantly looking to make Buildxact easier to use and have been working on simplifying our navigation layout and behaviour so that new users can find their way more easily and power users can get more done. 

As we begin to roll out these changes, you will notice a notification banner with a toggle to allow you preview the new experience changes. Simply click the toggle to try it out. 

What's Changed?

Once you enable the preview you will notice quite a few improvements.  

Main Navigation Menu

The main navigation menu along the left hand side of the application has been adjusted to ensure that the areas of the platform that you work with the most (Estimates & Jobs) are now at the top. It also includes some minor name changes ('Clients' instead of 'Customers', 'Catalogues' instead of 'Pricing') and a few new sections which we will cover below. 

The main menu also features a slide out panel that provides access to quick filters and other menu selections (e.g. Estimate Templates). An important point to note is that we remember your selections so that you can always pick up where you left off. This panel will also allow us to add new navigation capabilities over time (e.g. Recent Items).  

Secondary Menus

The secondary menus that appear for the items you access in the platform (e.g. Estimates, Jobs, Clients, Contacts, etc) have also been improved to take up less space and allow you to see more content on the page. They also allow you to easily move between related items (e.g. from an Estimate, you can easily and directly navigate directly to the associated Job schedule). 


My Business

The original 'My Account' section now appears as the 'My Business' profile, meaning that your brand is front and centre. Use the 'My Business' profile to manage your business details, users, subscriptions and other setup data. 


The new Communications menu item allows us to consolidate all the various correspondence between your business and your clients and suppliers into one place. This includes the original 'Notifications' panel. 


In the original design, a sync icon appeared in the top right when you had pending items to sync to an external system (e.g. Xero). We now display this against the Integrations menu item. This menu item allows you to display all your connections to external systems and sync any that have outstanding items. You can also proceed to view and manage all your integrations from this menu. 

My Profile

The bottom section of the main menu contains those areas that are specific to the logged in user, including the 'My Profile' menu item that displays basic information about the user and allows you to logout of Buildxact.


The Explore menu includes content designed to ensure that you have access to as much information as possible as you explore the Buildxact platform. 

  • What's New: Product announcements for updates to the Buildxact platform
  • FAQs: a link to the Buildxact knowledge base articles 
  • Video Tutorials: a link to the Buildxact video tutorials
  • Feature Suggestions: a link to our feature suggestion platform 
  • Book a Demo: a link for users trialing the product to 

Chat with Us

Many of our users will go to the buildxact.com website to use the built-in chat feature. The Chat with Us menu now allows you to quickly and easily send a message to Buildxact from directly within the application. This is the best way to get quick replies to your questions or issues. 

What about Mobile?

The mobile version of our new experience is coming. See this article for more information.

We would love to hear your feedback!

Try the new experience and let us know what you think

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