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How do I add more email connections in Buildxact?
How do I add more email connections in Buildxact?

You can pay to add more user-based email connections.

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When using the Buildxact email integration feature, you are able to connect one email account for every user you have on your Buildxact account.

If you need to add more, you can purchase additional connections for $19/connection/month.

There are a couple of typical scenarios where adding extra connections can be of use, these are:

  • You may have a general use email address (e.g., info@, sales@, estimates@) in your business which is used by multiple users. These email accounts can be configured in Buildxact so that any registered Buildxact user can send an email from the account.

  • You may have staff who do not use Buildxact but contact customers or contacts via email and you want their emails to be logged against the customer/contact within Buildxact.

When you use up all your user-based connections you'll be asked if you want to purchase more as shown below.

  1. This will show how many connections you have in total and how many you have remaining.

  2. Click on the link shown to purchase additional email account integrations.

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