Set up tasks from the Estimate

  1. In the estimate Costings tab, click the "T" button against any item you want to appear in the schedule as a Task

2. This will show in the Schedule with the Category name as the "Parent" task
3. The items will show in the Schedule as "Child" tasks

4. In the Schedule tab of the job - Parent task
5. Child tasks

Set up tasks from the job
6. In the Schedule tab of the job, click the blue + button in the fourth column header to add new "Parent" tasks

7. Rename the task
8. Set the date the task begins
9. Set the duration of the task
10. Set the date the task is due to end
11. Advance the progress of the task using the + or - buttons, or type in the figure
12. Assign the task to a Contractor/Supplier/Employee (they will receive an email and a text on the due date if they are set up with an email address and a mobile phone details)
13. Set when the reminder is to go out
14. Optional notes to send with the reminder
15. Click save to add the task to the schedule

16. To add a child task, click the blue + button beside the Parent task, and
17. Repeat steps 7 to 15 to set the task to the schedule

If you have a standard schedule that you would like to use for more than one project, once set up these schedules can be saved as templates to use again.

18. Click on the cog icon
19. Click "Save as template"

20. Name the template
21. A list of what will be saved in the template
22. Click Save and Close

To manage or apply the template
24. Click the cog icon
25. Click here to edit the name of the template or delete it
26. To apply the template choose it from the list (you can have multiple templates set up)

A combination of all the above methods can be used to set up a schedule in a project

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