How To Create a Deputy Location from my Buildxact Job

  • Go to the Buildxact job details page and set a work location 
  • Under the work location section, in the Integrations panel, click the Create Location button: 
  • Click Confirm on the confirmation box: 
  • You will see a Success message to confirm the location has been added to deputy: 

How To Create Deputy Areas from my Buildxact Categories

Once you have connected the job, you can then connect the categories through to Deputy's areas. To do this:

  • Click on Setup Deputy Areas 
  • You'll be presented with a list of Buildxact cost categories. Click "Create Deputy Area" for the category or categories you want to link
  • If you want to link the category, confirm the popup message
  • You will then see that the Buildxact category has been linked to a Deputy area of the same name

Note: A Deputy account must be created and Linked to Buildxact before the following can be done. For more information on linking your Buildxact and Deputy accounts, see our article on setting up a deputy account

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