Many Buildxact customers use our Deputy integration to help manage their timesheet and labour costing processes. To improve this process we are making some changes to how Buildxact chooses which jobs and categories to send to Deputy.

Linking Jobs to Deputy

Prior to these enhancements, Buildxact jobs were mapped to Deputy locations based on the work location. Whilst this worked in simple scenarios, it was prone to error when there were multiple Deputy locations with the same address or the work location in Buildxact was changed. This could result in incorrect mappings between jobs and locations and ultimately timesheets in the wrong job.  

With these latest enhancements, Jobs can now be explicitly linked to a Deputy location. The linked Deputy location is also clearly displayed against each job so it is extremely clear which timesheets apply to which jobs. 

Linking Categories to Deputy

Previously we used to send all Buildxact cost categories to a Deputy location, which was simple but could lead to confused staff on site and ultimately timesheets being entered in the wrong areas.

With these latest enhancements, Buildxact cost categories can now be explicitly linked to Deputy areas. The linked Deputy areas can be created/edited or viewed via the "Manage Deputy Areas" button in the details screen of any connected job.

Do I need to do anything differently?

Now that we are explicitly mapping jobs and categories to Deputy, when creating your jobs be sure to link your job to a Deputy location from the Integrations panel on the Job Details screen and manage the Deputy Areas linked to your Cost Categories. Timesheets will not come across to your job until you link your job to a Deputy location and areas.

See the following articles for specific instructions on how to view, create and remove links to a Deputy location. 

Note: You must have connected Deputy to Buildxact before the Integrations panel is displayed. Haven't connected Deputy yet? See 'how to setup Deputy integration'

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