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What is the Deputy and Buildxact connection process?
What is the Deputy and Buildxact connection process?

How to set up the integration between Buildxact and Deputy

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Linking Buildxact and Deputy allow employee hours submitted to a job in Deputy to update as a cost to the corresponding job in Buildxact.

If you don't currently use Deputy and are interested to learn more, visit the Deputy website.

Setting up your Deputy integration

  1. Click on "Integrations" in the Navigation menu

  2. Find Deputy and click "Connect"

3. This takes you to the Deputy log in screen, enter your Username and Password

4. Click "Log in"

5. Select the Deputy Organization you want to connect to Buildxact (this is what you entered when you set up your company in Deputy)

6. Click "Connect"

7. This will take you back to Buildxact where you will see a confirmation that the two systems are linked

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