Steps to connect your Yahoo Mail email account

  • Log in to your Buildxact account

  • Navigate to the Integrations page and click 'Connect' under the 'Email' header

  • In the popup box, select the IMAP option

  • Enter the following details:

Email address: Your Yahoo email address
Full name: Your name
Password: The password you use to log into your Yahoo email account
IMAP host:
IMAP port: 993
SMTP host:
SMTP port: 465
  • Click Connect

Your account connection is complete. To finalise email integration for your account you will be prompted to configuire your settings.


Yahoo Mail may require you to create a unique app password to allow it to connect to a third party application such as Buildxact. If the above steps don't allow you to connect successfully, follow these steps to set up an app password in your Yahoo account:

  • Sign in to Yahoo Mail

  • Navigate to the 'Account Security' settings page

  • Click 'Generate app password'/'Manage app passwords'

  • Select 'Other' from the dropdown menu and create a new password for Buildxact

  • Copy and paste the generated password into the 'Password' field when setting up the connection in Buildxact

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