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Connecting your Google email account
Connecting your Google email account

Instructions for connecting Gmail (@gmail) or Google Suite accounts

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Steps to connect your Google email account

  • Log into your Buildxact account

  • Head to the integrations screen and click connect

  • Click on the Google icon

  • Login to your Google account (this may look different if you're already logged in)

  • To continue with the connection, you will need to allow Buildxact to connect with Google.  Click 'Allow' when prompted to continue.

Your account connection is complete. To finalize email integration for your account you will be prompted to configure your settings.

Security alert email?

Did you get any emails in your Google inbox titled "Security Alert" or similar? 

If YES then please follow the steps below to ensure you ensure Google trusts Nylas 

  • Open the email, it will look similar to the one below. Click on "Check Activity"

  • You'll be taken to a security page telling you when Nylas connected and where it happened. See the example one below. Please click "Yes it was me"

  • Done!

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