Refundable Deposits

If you need to take a deposit from a customer upon commencing a job, which can be refunded against invoices taken on subsequent work.

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  1. In the job, click the "Outgoing Invoices" tab

  2. The first green "+" button is to create a refundable invoice, click this

3. Enter a description
4. Enter a claim amount, or
5. Enter a percentage amount to claim
6. Click "Save & Send" a pop up will appear where you can add attachments in necessary, and email to the customer. 

Creating a refundable deposit invoice is essentially the same as creating a regular contract invoice. Once the customer has paid this invoice, this is the deposit held that you later refund.

Crediting back part or all of the deposit

1. Once the customer has made the payment, open the invoice and change the status of the invoice as received.

Note: the next steps will not work if the refundable deposit is not marked as received.

2. Click the second green "+" button to create an invoice

3. Enter a description
4. The total amount of the deposit being held
5. Click the green arrows to refund the entire amount, or type in the amount, or
6. Type in a percentage of the deposit to apply
7. The amount in dollar value to be applied
8. The balance of the deposit remaining
9. Click "Save & Send"

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