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How to receive client invoices
How to receive client invoices
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There are two ways to receive client invoices

  • Fully receive

  • Part receive

When you change an invoice status to "Invoiced" you have the option to click

  1. "Paid in full" to accept a full payment

  2. The green + button for a part payment

Paid in full

If you mark as "Paid in Full" the invoice status will change to received and the record will be made

Part received

If you add a part payment using the green + button a new pop up will appear where you will be asked to enter in the details of the payment

The details will be added and the status of the invoice will change to "Part Received"

When the full amount comes in open the invoice and tick the green + button again to receive the outstanding amount

Invoice statuses and printing

The invoice statuses will reflect in the invoice list.

When you print the invoice or invoice statement the part received component is shown there.

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