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Can I save sets of job invoices?
Can I save sets of job invoices?

This article will help you setup a preset or template of Invoices

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In the job invoicing tab click on the presets drop down in the top right, then choose "Save as preset".

Enter a description for the preset and click save

The "Save as preset" button will save everything in your current invoices list to be used as a template. This includes invoice descriptions, comments, order, percentage of contract total, etc.

This will allow you to then use the "Manage preset" button from the presets dropdown in other jobs. From here you can rename or delete you saved presets.

To apply this preset to your other jobs, find your preset under the presets dropdown and select your saved preset.

Note: If you already have items in your invoice list, applying a preset will override your existing work.

Note: Presets are only able to be applied when all invoices have a status of Pending.

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