There are two types:

  • Manual Dependencies

  • Automatic Dependencies

Only one type can be used at any one time, and you can switch between these at any time to easily manage your schedule.

See video on Scheduling which also covers the dependencies:

Manual dependencies

This is the default setting. When manual dependencies are on you'll see the following things:

  • You can set manual links between tasks by dragging the dot at the end of one task to the start of another task, as shown below

  • When you move a schedule item, ONLY that item and the one linked to it moves

Automatic dependencies

To turn on automatic dependencies, click on the cog menu, and choose ''Automatic Dependencies" from the list. See image below. To switch back to Manual, untick this in the menu

When automatic dependencies are on you'll see the following things:

  • When you move one item every item BELOW it moves with it

  • There is no ability to have manual links between tasks

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