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In the Business Details section, (which is where we hold all of your business info) there are several email options that you can store, those are Registered, Contact and Billing, this article is going to look at what each one is and does and how you can update it.

Registered email

This is the main email for your account, it is the email Buildxact will contact you on when trying to reach you. As it's the main email you can't change it yourself, so if you need to update it please contact support using the button below.

Contact email

This is the email that you want to use on outgoing documents, specifically in the business details within the header of the document. It does not affect the email address that the document is sent from or that will appear when the recipient replies, it solely changes the document.

Note: If there is no Contact Email, we default to your Registered Email

Billing email

This is the email that you want to Buildxact to send your tax receipts to as we process the charges for your subscription. This box is particularly useful if you want to send your receipts to your accounts team as well as the main Buildxact user.

Note: If there is no Billing Email, we default to your Registered Email

How to update your Contact and Billing email

  1. In Buildxact from the left-hand navigation menu click "My Business".

  2. Under Business Account click on "Business Details".

  3. In the Business Details section you'll see the three email boxes and can edit the Contact and Billing email by clicking the pencil icon, making the updates, then clicking "Save".

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