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Xero tracking categories, what you need to know
Xero tracking categories, what you need to know
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This article will guide you on how you are able to use Xero's Category Tracking to track your jobs in Xero for reports.

If you would like more information on Tracking Categories, click here .

See below a guide to setting it up:

  • In your Xero application, click in ''Settings'' ''General Settings'' ''Reports'' ''Add tracking category''. Follow the screen shots below

  • Once this is done, go into Buildxact, in the Navigation menu, click on ''My Account'' "Integrations", click on "Xero", go to the "Settings" tab, at the bottom of the pop that appears there is drop down where you can choose to add a tracking category, click on this and choose the category you set up earlier in Xero.

  • Once this is done, all items that sync from Buildxact to Xero will have this extra info:

It allows you to filter your Xero account by job much more easily, and in splitting your reports by job.

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