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Tracking insurance expiry dates of contractors/suppliers
Tracking insurance expiry dates of contractors/suppliers

You can add insurance details with expiry dates to your contact's cards. This creates an alert to remind you to follow up

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  1. Click on "Contacts" in the Navigation menu

  2. Choose the appropriate group to open the list e.g "Contractors"

  3. Click on the name to open the contact card

4. Click on the "Cards" tab
5. Click the green "+" button to add a card

6. Choose from the menu the card type
7. Click to bring up the calendar and set the expiry date
8. Enter in a Title/Name and Detail/Notes (optional)
9. Click "Save & Close"

10. You will see the card under the cards menu
11. The card can be deleted
12. It can be edited
13. More cards can be added
14.  If you have cards that are used across multiple contacts, click the cog icon and "Save as Preset". You can apply this card to other contacts cards by using the same cog icon and choosing that preset from the bottom of the menu that appears.

15. When the expiry date is reached, an alert in the "Contact" tab advises how many cards are due to expire
16. Tick the relevant sub tab
17. The alert will also list against the relevant contact

18. You can view and set up reminders in the "Reminders" tab of the Contact card
19. Click on the "View" button to check any reminders already set up
20. Click on the green "+" button to set up new reminders

21. Enter message details
22. Enter a due date and time
23. Enter a mobile number and/or email address (multiple can be added if the reminder is for more than one recipient)
24. Click "OK"

This reminder will show up in the "Reminders" tab in step 18.
25. You can also see any reminders on the "Dashboard"
26. They will appear in the Calendar


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