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How does the integration of Buildxact and Deputy work?
How does the integration of Buildxact and Deputy work?

An overview of how Buildxact and Deputy work together

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Article contents: Steps explaining how Buildxact and the Deputy app work together. Video content giving a visual overview.

Deputy is a timesheet system, Buildxact integrates with Deputy. Integrating Deputy into Buildxact allows the automatic creation of Work Orders in Buildxact to allow tracking of staff costs against jobs.

To help understand the connection, it's good to understand the different terminology used in the two systems.

1. A "Job" in Buildxact when synced to Deputy, is known as a "Location".

2. The "Cost Categories" from the Buildxact job will be known in Deputy as "Areas".

You can nominate in Buildxact which "Cost Categories" you want to populate in the job in Deputy, which will allow you to assign your workforce to "Areas" of work that link to the corresponding Cost Categories in Buildxact.

Your staff will open the job on the Deputy app then open the "Area" they are working in and add hours to this area. Once approved, the costs of these hours will sync back to the Buildxact Job Cost Categories as a Work Order.

This eliminates the need for manual addition of these Work Orders in Buildxact.

After assigning a person to an Area in Deputy, this person’s information will be transferred into your Buildxact contacts list once their first timesheet is approved. This ensures that all contact/user information is consistent across both platforms.

The below video gives an overview of the connection:

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