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How do I turn my estimate into a job in Buildxact?
How do I turn my estimate into a job in Buildxact?

Key things you need to know about taking an estimate through to a job in Buildxact

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This article covers how and when you create a job from your estimate or quote

When to convert an estimate to a job

When we convert an estimate to a job there are two main steps with different results.

  1. We create the job
    This can be done at any time, the estimate will remain open and changeable, and you will be able to access most items within the job side of Buildxact, most notably you wont be able to do any variations as we don't consider there to be a signed contract at this stage.  Users will often create the job quite early if they want to create schedules to send out with their quote. 

  2. We accept the estimate
    This should be done when the contract with the client is signed. What you are doing here is signalling to Buildxact that the estimate value is locked in and we restrict the changing of it from then on. Accepting the estimate means you're now fully working in the job side.

Warnings about changes to the estimate while the job is open

Few points to be aware of here as while both the estimate and job are live, the connection between the two will continually update.

  • If you create purchase/work orders while in the job then delete the item from the estimate which the order came from, you'll end up with "orphan" orders that don't relate to anything in your costings

  • If you INVOICE any outgoing invoices and then adjust the contract value of the job, the dollar value of the invoice will hold but the % of the contract value will change in response to the change in contract value.
    Eg: an INVOICED 5% deposit for $5,000 of a $100,000 contract will become 2.5% ($5,000/$200,000) if the the contract changes to $200,000

  • If you create items on your schedule based off estimate items, then delete the estimate items those schedule items will delete.

How to convert an estimate to a job

  1. In the Estimate, click on the arrow beside the Estimate name and then "Create job from this estimate".

  2. In the "Create Job" pop up to the left, the Description, Building Type and Customer Name will be populated by the details that were entered in these fields at quote creation stage.

  3. Enter in the expected start date. (optional)

  4. Choose the invoice method Contract Price, Cost plus, or Completion Percentage. The invoice method must be chosen at this stage, when the estimate is converted, this invoice method is locked down and cannot be changed once you move to the next screen.

  5. The contract total is populated from the estimate when choosing contract price or completion percentage. If it is a cost-plus job you will need to add a percentage.

  6. Click "OK" to convert to a job.

    Note: For Contract Price you can leave the checked box to create default invoices. For Completion Percentage you can leave the checked box to then enter and calculate retention.

In the job screen is a banner message "Estimate has not been accepted". You can still edit/amend the corresponding estimate which will flow through to the job. The job is also open. All the tabs in the job are functional, except the "Variations" tab, as the cost has not been locked down.

Once the cost has been agreed clicking on this message will lock the estimate. It will be available for viewing only, and any extras will be added to the job through the "Variations" tab.

You can go back to the estimate by click on the arrow to the left of the "Job Details" tab.

If ever you need to open the estimate again for editing/amending see the below link.

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