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How can I send a summary of invoices to my client?
How can I send a summary of invoices to my client?

This article shows you the different ways invoices can be sent to your client.

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A summary of your invoices and variations/change orders can be printed and/or emailed to anyone at any point through the job, even before the estimate has been accepted. See below for how this is done.

Printing/previewing the statement on its own

From within the outgoing invoices section of a job:

  1. Click the cog icon

  2. Click Print Invoice Statement

Emailing/Sharing an invoice

Sending an invoice using the 'Share' button:

  1. Click on 'Invoice'

  2. Select whether you'd like to include the invoice only, the statement only, or both invoice and statement.

  3. Share as per normal

Sending an invoice through the client portal

If you're sharing an invoice as per the above and also want to add it to a client portal, follow the steps below.

4. In the sharing screen click on 'Recipients'

5. Select 'Yes'

6. Enter the email address of the recipients you would like to receive the link to the invoice. Note this section will pre-populate from information in the client's section.

Any questions, get in touch via the "Need Help?" section inside Buildxact.

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