Buildxact has the ability to create a variation from the costings screen. Once you select the line/s it opens a new variation for them.

Depending on the items selected there are two ways Buildxact will treat them when adding them to the variation.

 See below for the two ways your variation will behave based on the money spent:

  1. Items that have no ACTUAL costs against them

When sent to a variation this will offer a refund of the full amount.

2. Items that do have an ACTUAL cost against them 

When sent to a variation this will offer a refund for or charge for the amount outstanding.

Accepting the variations works as per normal, just remember the "Actuals" category if adding new items.

The variation must be marked as "Accepted" to finalise it and add it to the ''costings'' screen of the job, and three things will happen

  1. The variation will go to the invoicing screen. Here you will invoice for the positive amount, or credit for the negative amount.
  2. The original PC/PS items will be marked as having a related variation

3. New lines will be added back into the costing screen to adjust your budget as a result of the variation.


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