Note on regions

Depending on what part of the world you're in, your screen will look slightly different at this point.

  • North American users will use the "A" button. A standing for "Allowance"

  • Users from Australia and New Zealand will use the "P" button. P standing for "Prime/Provisional"

The PC/PS/Allowance buttons allows you to designate those items as such and will bring those items into a separate area of the quote letter and tag those items on the "Actual Costings" tab of the Job Management section.

When you select the PC/PS/Allowance items, it will change how the markup is distributed in the quote. Read more about that here:

Australia and New Zealand

Adding a PC/PS item

Displaying a PC/PS item

See this article here:

Changing/settling a PC/PS item

North America

Adding an allowance item

Displaying an allowance item

See this article here:

Changing/settling an allowance item

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