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How to use schedule templates
How to use schedule templates

You can create your own schedule templates to use on multiple jobs

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Set up schedule templates to eliminate setting up a new schedule every time you start a job.

Once set up, you can load a schedule template into a job and combine it with items brought from the estimate, or you can wipe everything out and just use your template.

Essentially there are two ways to get a schedule template done.

  1. Build one from scratch by creating a dummy job and build the schedule to your liking and save as a template.

  2. If you have a job with a schedule already in it that you would like to use, you could save that schedule as a template for a starting point.

Setting up the Template

Whether you built a schedule from scratch or used one from a previous job you'll need to save it.

  1. In the Schedule tab, click on the cog to the right, and from the menu choose "Save as Template".

  2. A pop will appear so you can name your Template, and it shows you what will be copied into it. Click ''Save and Close''.

Using the Template

To use the template in a job;

  1. Click the Schedule tab, click on the cog icon, in the menu, choose the template you would like to use at the bottom of the menu.

  2. In the pop up that appears, choose what from the template you would like to use for this job.

If you need to rename or delete schedule templates use the "Manage templates" button found in the cog menu.

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