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Can I send an email with attachments from Buildxact?
Can I send an email with attachments from Buildxact?

You can upload attachments to your projects and then email them to your contractors, suppliers/dealers or clients.

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Any documents or attachments that are uploaded into the Estimate or Job Details tab can be emailed to Contractors, Suppliers or Clients.

See the following article on how to upload attachments to Estimates and Jobs:

To email attachments

1. Navigate to the tab you want to email from e.g., the quote letter.

2. Click the email envelope.

3. Click Add other attachments.

4. Choose the attachment/s you want to add.

Scroll down fill in the email message and click Send.

If you have a set of standard or generic documents/attachments you want to send out regularly, you can upload them into the Business Documents section by following these steps:

8. Click on My Business

9. Select Business Setup

10. Select Business Documents

11. Click Upload file and follow the prompts to add an attachment.

12. The attachment will upload in this field.

You can then send this document in the same way as steps 5 to 7 above.

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