A supplier or contractor catalogue must be set up in the system first.

From the Navigation menu, click "Catalogues" then click "My pricelists"

  1. Click the green "+" button to add a new pricelist.

2. Enter the name of the pricelist (this could be be Supplier name, or the material in the Catalogue) 

3. Click "Next"

4. Click "Select a supplier" If you have contacts in the database in Buildxact 

5. Start typing in the contact name and choose from the list

6. If the Supplier/Contact is not in Buildxact, click "Enter a new one" 

7. This opens up a new tab to enter the Supplier/Contractor details.

8. Click "Save"  which will save this Supplier/Contractor to the Contacts tab 

The first way to set up pricelist items is to add them manually.

9. In the catalogue list click on the Supplier or Contractor that you would like to add items to

10. Click the green "+" button to add your items
11. Enter the item code and description
12. Choose if the item is Material, Labour or both
13. Choose the Unit of Measurement
14. Enter the price per Unit of Measurement
15. Images can be added to items, these will appear in the quote letter if they are chosen as Specifications in the Costings of the Estimate
16. Click the orange tick to save.
Continue to add more items by following steps 10 to 16.

The second way to add pricelists is to import them from an Excel spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet must be in the correct format to import, click the link below for more information on formatting spreadsheet for import

17.  In the catalogue list find the Supplier or Contractor that you would like to add items to, and click the "Import (from Excel file)" arrow to the right

18. Click "Browse" to find the Excel pricelist from your computer files
19. Choose the file
20 Click "Open" to upload the file into Buildxact

21. This column is what is in the Excel file
22. Click the drop down menu to choose where you want the data from the Excel file to end up in the pricelist that will be created in Buildxact.
23. Click "Next"
The items will now be populated under the nominated pricelist.

When you get pricelist changes from your Supplier/Contractor, you can update the pricelist by following steps 17 to 23. This will update all items that have had a price change, ignore any items that have had no changes, and add any new items that are in the pricelist, but not previously in Buildxact.

The third way to add items to a pricelist is on the go, adding them as you are setting up an estimate in Buildxact.

In the "Estimate Costings" tab of the estimate, click into the Category.

24. Click the green "+" button to add a new item, or you can type over one of the lines already listed if not needed
25. Enter the item name that you want to add to a pricelist
26. Click on the magnifying glass, this takes you to the pricelists

27. If the item name you have typed in is not found in the pricelists, this pop will allow you to save it to a pricelist
28. Edit the item name here if needed
29. Click on the drop down to choose the UOM
30. Enter in the unit cost
31. Click on the drop down to choose the pricelist you want to add this item to
32. If there are categories in the pricelist, click the drop down to choose the category
33. If there are sub categories, choose the correct one, or you can create a sub category in this field.
34. Click "Save and Add" this item is now added to the nominated Price list

If you want to use this method to add multiple items while estimating at the same time, Buildxact can be run as two screens for this purpose.

To open a second screen with the pricelists

35. Click on "Catalogues" from the Navigation menu
36. Choose "My Price Lists"
37. Right click (Command + Click on Mac) on the internet tab
38. Click "Duplicate" from the menu

You can go back to your estimate in the first screen and add items to your pricelists in the duplicate screen

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