Within Buildxact when you set up a client you can track them by type.

You can create your own Client types.

  1. Click on "My Business"
  2. In the submenu click on "Business Set up"
  3. Choose "Client Types" 
  4. You will see the current list of types 
  5. Click the green "+" button to add new types
  6. The edit button will allow you to amend the current types
  7. Use the trashcan to delete

To apply a type to an existing Client

8. In the Navigation menu, click on "Clients"
9. Choose "All"
10. Click on the client name you wish to update

11. There is a status bar which shows the Client types
12. Click on the dropdown menu and choose the appropriate type from the list

To apply a Type to a new client

14. In the main menu click "Clients"
15. Click the green "+" button to add a new client
16. In the Client card is a field to choose the "Type"

17. Your Clients are sorted in the Navigation menu to the left by their types

When the lead becomes a quote you can update the type accordingly.

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