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How can I give feedback and make suggestions to Buildxact?
How can I give feedback and make suggestions to Buildxact?

All product updates are based on your needs. We welcome feedback and also have a feature request area for you to communicate ideas.

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Audience: Builders/suppliers

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Article contents: How to provide feedback and how we use it

Ultimately, we create software, and you're the ones using it day in and day out. We heavily rely on your feedback and opinions to make Buildxact better. Please see below for:

  • How to make a suggestion

  • What are the criteria for Buildxact system improvements

  • How we use the feedback

How to place a suggestion

  1. Click on "Explore."

  2. Click on "Feature Suggestions." This will open up a new screen.

  3. Use the "Search" field to check if the idea has already been submitted by another user.

  4. If you find the idea, you can use the "Thumbs up" icon to vote for it.

  5. Click on "Make a Suggestion" if you would like to add a new idea and have other users vote on it.

  6. Click here to return to Buildxact.

What are the criteria for Buildxact system improvements

When adding improvements to Buildxact, there are a few things we need to consider to ensure that the improvement is truly worthwhile.

  1. Does this help the majority?
    We consider if this improvement helps the vast majority of users and aligns with our ideal customer type. We don't prioritize improvements for individual users, and we don't offer paid improvements for the same reason. Changes we make must be in the interest of the majority.

  2. Does this change add unnecessary complexity?
    While it's great to add functionality to the software, Buildxact is designed to be a simple-to-use system at its core. If we're turning it into a spaceship where you need to be an astronaut to operate it, we're heading in the wrong direction.

  3. Is there a need for this?
    We need to ensure that the change we're making is necessary. This helps us avoid making changes just for the sake of change or implementing features that won't have a positive impact on user engagement.

How we use the feedback

We utilize the feedback you provide in several ways:

  1. We consider the number of votes for a request.
    When we make a change, we want it to benefit as many people as possible. Therefore, we use the vote count to gauge demand and the need for a change.

  2. We identify exceptional ideas.
    There are ideas that make us say, "Wow, that's amazing! Why didn't we think of that?" These ideas are prioritized as "quick wins" that would be beneficial to all users.

  3. We group feedback by area.
    Since we strive to make improvements whenever possible, we take the opportunity to address related issues while working on a specific area. For example, when enhancing the quote letter, we consider all quote letter suggestions and include relevant items that are worth addressing simultaneously.

Please feel free to provide your feedback and suggestions. We value your input and are committed to continuously improving Buildxact based on your needs.

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