Two or more people can be logged into Buildxact at the same time IF they are using different login details. Otherwise one users log in details can only be used by one person at a time.

Also, when two or more people are logged in under their own unique user log in, Buildxact is NOT designed for more than one user to work on the same page (eg: the costing page for estimate Q1234) at the same time.

It breaks down like this.

User A and User B are logged in under their own unique user ID, they are both working in the same project amending items, adding items, deleting items, making changes etc. When either of them hit "Save" they themselves will see their own changes, but the other user will not. This is because the page needs to be "refreshed" or the page shut down and reopened. ''Saving'' by the one user does not push the changes to the other users view.

This can lead to unintentional double-ups and other errors to occur.

If you do need to have two users amending one project at the same time, we recommend refreshing the page regularly to update any changes made.

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