What is Buildxact?
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Buildxact is class leading Estimating, Scheduling & Job Management software for Builders and the Trades, developed in Australia. Buildxact was originally developed as part of Master Builders “Builder Registration Course” which has been helping students understand how to develop a structured approach to managing their business needs since August 2010.

Normally when you purchase a software package the application is installed and runs on your computer including all the files you create and save. Buildxact runs over the internet and the program is located within a safe and redundant environment which guarantees availability and the highest levels of security 24 hours a day. We call this SAAS or “Software as a Service”, it is also known as “Cloud Computing” and over the last few years this model has continued to rapidly grow in popularity. When you subscribe to Buildxact your computer acts like a window into the program and you can use it just like you do for other programs running on your computer.

There are significant advantages in running Buildxact as a service, one being you only pay a monthly subscription, the version of software you use is always the latest version, there is NO maintenance fee, and you can cancel at any time. If you damage, or lose your computer, all you need is another computer connected to the internet (or even drop into an internet cafe) and you will be up and running instantly. Buildxact will also run on tablets and mobiles.

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