To request a quote, click into the Estimate, then the ''Costings'' tab, and open the relevant category

  1. Tick the box to the left of the item/s you want to request a quote for
  2. There must be a cost against the item
  3. Click "+ New Quote Request" at the bottom of the screen

4. Enter the title of the quote
5. You can re-set the deadline date (this date auto defaults to 2 weeks from date of creation)
6. You will see the chosen item/s listed
7. Click "Next

8. You can choose to add plans, take-offs or documents from the estimate
9. Add a description in the "Scope of Work" field (keep it generic if sending to more than one entity)
10. Click the cog icon for more tools
11. If you want to save the description in the Scope of Work field to use again on other quotes click "Save as preset", this will add it to the bottom of this menu. You can have multiple presets saved for different types of quotes
12. Manage presets will allow you edit the saved scripts
13. Apply preset - choose the preset script underneath to apply the script
14. Click "Next"

15. Start typing in the name of the Contact, choose from the list that appears
16. If the contact is not set up in Buildxact, click "+ Add a new contact" to set them up here, this will save to the Contacts database as well as add the email address to the quote request
17. Enter a script that will appear on the email the quote request will be attached to
18. You can save, manage and apply the script created as per steps 10 - 12 above
19. Click "Send"

20. The estimate item in the Costings tab will now have an icon next to it to indicate there is a quote request against it

The contractor/supplier will receive a Quote request email from you 

21. The Quote request email populates with your company logo
22. The email script you entered will appear here
23. The contractor/supplier will click "View Quote Request" which will open into a new screen

24. At the top of the page will be the job site details, the quote deadline date and your contact details
25. The job details added at point 8 populate here
26. Any attachments will be listed here, clicking on them will allow them to be viewed
27. These attachments can be downloaded for viewing later
28. The contractor/supplier will choose whether they are interested to quote or not.  Clicking "Yes" will take them to the next screen

29. The contractor/supplier will put his price for the total amount here
30. There is a choice whether the price includes GST or not
31. Then click "Next"

32. The contractor/supplier can choose whether to select files to send with the quote
33. They can choose to CC someone else in
34. Optional notes
35. They will submit the quote back, and it will stay open until the deadline date you specified in step 5

To access the quote in Buildxact
35. In the Navigation menu, click on "Quote Requests"
36. Click on "All"
37. You will see the list of quotes with statuses e.g "Open" means the deadline date has not been reached. "Accepted" means you have accepted this contractor/supplier quote. "Closed" means the deadline date has been reached. These statuses change automatically based on triggers.
38. Here are the number of responses received (based on how many contractors you sent the quote to and how many have responded)
39. Click here to see all the recipients the quote was sent to

40. You can edit the quote request and resend by clicking "Edit".  Or "Delete' if you want to discard the request
41. This shows the recipients of the quote request
42. Shows who has submitted a response to the request
43. The amount the recipient has quoted
44. Tick the box to accept the quoted price (this will then update the cost against the item in the estimate to match this)
45. Click "View" to see any notes or attachments the contractor/supplier has returned with the quote. Here you can also edit the quoted price (if your contractor has not used the Buildxact quoting portal and advised of his price in some other method). You can also change the status of the quote manually.
46. The recipient/s can be deleted.

47. The cost of item in the quote has updated to the accepted suppliers/contractors quote price

48. Click on the Communications in the Navigation menu
49. Click on Notifications in the sub-menu
50. You will see the actions applied to the quote request so you can keep track of progress once sent out to the contractor/supplier

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