You can add insurance details to your contacts cards with expiry date. This creates an alert to remind you to follow up.These will appear on your dashboard calendar.

If there are any cards due to expire, or already expired they will show in the Navigation menu under ‘Contacts’. See image below.

To create the insurance details reminder, open the contractor card, click on ''Cards'' tab, and click the green + button to add new.

In the pop up, select the type of card from the drop down, set the expiry date, name it, and enter any other details you want to record.

Once saved, you can edit a card by clicking on the blue edit (pencil) button.

If you have cards that are used across multiple contacts, these cards can be set up as templates in the cog icon in the top right of the contact screen.

You can then apply this template to other contacts cards by using the same cog icon and choosing the template from the menu that appears.

See image below

You can also view and create reminders under the ‘Reminders’ tab at the top of the page, these will also appear on the dashboard calendar.

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