Firstly, you must create your own price list. There are two ways you can do this.

  1. By uploading a price list. CLICK HERE for more information
  2. Manually set up your own price list through the Navigation menu. Click on Pricing > Price Lists. In the screen that appears click the green + button to add new. 

Then follow the prompts to add your own price list.

Once you have your own price list, there are two ways you can add your items:

OPTION 1) Add the priced item from the estimate screen:

While in the costings of your estimate. use the browse price list button to both browse prices and add new prices.

e.g. If you type a term into the item line and it returns no results then hitting the "Browse Price list Button" will prompt you to add it.

OPTION 2) Run a second tab with your price list open and just add as you go:
Buildxact can be run in multiple tabs. To open your pricelists in a second tab follow the image below. Then just save price items as per normal.

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